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The app for uber

On-demand mobile app development according to your business requirement, We makes custom app based on your business requirement at very affordable cost, we known for milestone for latest technology and experiments in this industry.

the app for uber
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Mobile App Development

The app for Uber words top mobile device app development company delivering On demand solution according to your requirement, We deals to make instant booking apps like
Uber and other major platforms. We get ideas from many
big Industries and make powerful mobile apps to our
worldwide clients.

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Uber for Grocery app

On-demand Grocery mobile app development according to your business requirement, We makes custom Grocery apps based on your business requirement at very affordable cost, we known for masters in latest technology delivering best ROI products.


The App For Uber

Are you experiencing difficulties while developing a mobile app for your business? You should not because you are now at the right place under the sun. We help businesses developing their custom mobile apps that help them communicate, engage, build their global awareness. We are one of the most prevailing global on-demand mobile app development companies.

Nowadays, every business all over the world has their mobile app to revolutionize in the competitive market. A mobile app that is well-developed and well-designed can help you reach more customers. We are able to understand your requirements, design attractive UI / UX, and perform any technical issues. We focus on developing an on-demand uber like app for your company.

3 The App for Uber Development Process

Idea Generation & Validation

In this very first step, you have to generate idea about your mobile app. You can do it yourself be researching the present market in your niche or you can receive help from The app for uber. We will help you execute your ideas and validate them through our strategies and skills.

App Design &

The step requires you to be creative because UX/UI designs are involved in this step. So, before you start thinking yourself, will be an ideal time for you to start developing the mobile app for your business such as uber like app. The designing and development process should be done by an expert mobile app developer so that it can thrive in the market.



Testing App & Launching it

This is last but not the least process of developing your mobile app for your company. When your app is truly ready to launch, you should test before launching.  The mobile app you have develop might have issues that can be a boring experience to your customers. So, it should be wise to test before you launch it.

By following these processes carefully, you can hope to develop a business app for your company.  The good news is you can at any time trust theappforuber to put all the responsibilities on our shoulders to develop an app for your business that will help you grow.

Benefits of mobile app development

Mobile apps have turned your imagination into reality. Not convinced? Well, let me tell you why. If you want to grow in the fastest technology-based world, your business should have a mobile app like others in the market. Maybe, you are thinking that your business does not need a mobile app in order to sell your products to your valued customers.

Then, you are still in the dark! Starting to see the massive advantages of your business, your business must have a mobile app. It will allow you as well as your target customers to stick around your business and perform any action easily and quickly.

Actually, with us you will get a range of readymade mobile app development where you can select your business apps before start any project Our UBER X SOLUTION is tested any easy to adopt.

Mobile apps provide value to your ideal customers

If your business has a mobile app to interact with your company, it’s just great. The more engagement your products get, the more exposure they will be to your loyal customers. A mobile app benefits your customers to interact and purchase in no time. Also, you can offer rewards to the app subscribers to receive more tractions.

Using a mobile app, customers from any corner of the world can pay directly and rapidly from their mobile devices. It speeds up the whole transaction process of your company. You can also offer reward points to your customers when they purchase something from your company.

And Direct Advertising

After developing your mobile app from a mobile app development company, it will become easier for you to connect with your customers at any time, not considering their location.

It is easily accessible and it will benefit you to strengthen your brand worldwide.

The key is to get as close as possible to your current and potential customers and give them a place to engage with your product purposefully. To Have a mobile app for your business always worth it.

Audience Reach

A few years back, customers from different parts of the world, tend to browse and search for their necessary information and products through their laptops or desktop computers.

But the scenery has been dramatically replaced by mobile devices.Not only that, mobile apps such as uber like app increases customer engagement more than your business website. Now almost 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, by developing apps like uber and lyft, you can connect with your customers and increase the possibility of your growth.


Customer engagement is something that increases your sales and brand awareness throughout the world. Customers receive a smooth user experience if they have a well-developed mobile app for your business.

Your business app improves effective customer engagement that should be the key to generate more sales. While developing a mobile app for your company, make sure there are features like a support desk, geo-targeted adverts, and real-time chat which improve your communication with customers.


To spread awareness about your brand and products, you should have a feature-rich mobile app.

As you know, people are browsing and searching for their necessary products through their mobile devices instead of only using their laptops and desktops.

Also, they can receive personalized updates of your existing and upcoming products in real-time.

People also tend to search for their needed products on the move. In this case, your business app can help those browsing products, reading product features and related information.

More than one service

Its provide multiple services to multiple users at the same time Thanks to its powerful backend who can support more than 30,000 requests at a single second, which makes our app out of the grid from others,

Our app uses smart artificial Intelligence which makes this product unique and powerful,

We write all codes and API from handwritten and tested by several high qualified testers so it became worlds highly safe and secure app, not only this we will make long term maintenance packages so that your business have technical team behind you.

High Engagement Level

Having a high level of customer engagement will require you to reach out to them first. There are many benefits to mobile business applications and one of the most important benefits is affordable availability.

Connecting to potential customers is expensive, such as advertisements in hoardings and newspapers and outdated. The story is different now with mobile apps on the market.

Multiple laungage

Our app comes with multiple language support functionality now you can change app language from sidebars, Its realy comfortable when you trying to focus your business globally, We provide App with multi language support became this app out of the box from its compotators.

White label solution

The app for uber provide ondemand white labeled solutions which allow your business to boost your business by online mediums by this you will get error free codes with lifetime warrenty from us and lifetime support from us, We are here to help you in any situation.

Tell Me More About Readymade Apps

Whether you are an emerging business or an existing business in the market, you should have a better understanding of on-demand apps and their features. On-demand apps like the app for uber are linking customers and different businesses. They range from grocery, food delivery, laundry, car rental, or personal health service.

In this busy world, it might be difficult for you to reach your customers traditionally. But you have to reach them and make their task easy that should be one of the features of an on-demand app. Other potential features of an on-demand app may include appropriate algorithms, push notifications, real-time GPS tracking, payment facility, reviews & ratings, and many more.

Your mobile app can allow users to specify and set your default preferences, depending on where they can be provided with customized content. The app will detect their involvement and behavior to provide custom recommendations and filters updates for them based on their real-time location. Not only is this amazing! It will make your customers laugh, as having an app is not just about personalizing, and selling your products and services. All right!

Superfast functioning

Applications are usually several times faster than mobile websites and perform actions much faster too. Applications store their data locally on your device. Allor, data recovery happens instantly. In the case of mobile sites, data needs to be downloaded from web servers that can take time like a minute depending on server speed and packet size.

For one thing, mobile sites that use JavaScript to perform tasks and applications run on frames five times faster. As all of this happens in the end, your users start to act very quickly before enjoying a seamless experience.

Our solution build with world latest technology and crafted by most talanted software developers, while mobile app development we follow google guideline which makes our app super fast, we always recommend VPS hosting which delivers maximum output and maximum bandwidth which make your mobile application fly in the cloud .

Our superfast function includes web socket which turns traffic at a same time with using minimum bandwith and save your server cost as well.

App notifications

In-app notifications are received when a user opens the app on their devices. App notifications are available on devices whether the user opens the app or not.

You can send regular updates keeping it up to date with all the latest features and photos and product listings.

It will also allow you to promote products and services that regularly increase your sales and profits. Additionally, you can send regular updates through the Google Play Store, iTunes, and store windows to your app via OTA,

keeping it up to date with all the latest features.

Your branding

Our app is customized with a company branding and yours will never be different.

And if you change the branding of your brand, then there is nothing better than a mobile app.

You can just change how your app appears with colours and layouts whenever you want with the development of the version and match it according to your perspective and what users want.

Your app becomes your leading 24X7 dealer. build your app the way you want it without having to go to device or browser stuff and troubleshooting problems.

Why is it worth to invest in mobile app development?

Do you want to thrive in the competitive market as a business owner? You are not alone. Your business, then, must need a mobile app that helps you grow and improve customer interactions, satisfaction, engagement, and increase revenue. Mobile apps play a pivotal role nowadays to reach a global audience easily and quickly. Of course, it is worth investing in mobile app development for your business if you want to remain in the competitive market.

Our company helps business owners to develop uber like app development as per their custom requirements and preferences. You can do the following things with your business app.

Start creating product awareness with mobile app development and spread your reach better. Your investment in mobile apps will help you to reap long-term benefits. Working with Intelivita in building mobile business applications will also ensure app security, timely updates, and efficient application management.

there are millions of mobile apps out there online and there will probably be millions more. Remember, users spend a lot of time on apps as recent research has suggested and the business should be present where its customers are. So, this is a great time to build mobile business apps to fully bind ‘First Movers Advantage’ to sell your products and services before your competitor does.

Business Recognition and Visibility

A well-developed and designed mobile app can help you improve your business recognition and visibility globally. When a customer finds your app useful, user-friendly, and well-developed, chances are your app will be downloaded more than others in the play store or app store.


Developing mobile apps might be overwhelming and tedious in most cases if it cannot be done in the right way. But following proper steps and strategies can help you understand and develop one based on your business requirements. If you need mobile apps like Uber, you can visit us because we are industry experts and have years of experience in this field.

Running your business smoothly and increasing sales require a mobile app for your business. Otherwise, a mobile app will help you withstand the competitive market in the future when the traditional system might not work.

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