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The app for uber

On-demand mobile app development according to your business requirement, We makes custom app based on your business requirement at very affordable cost, we known for milestone for latest technology and experiments in this industry.

the app for uber

Mobile App Development

The app for Uber words top mobile device app development company delivering On demand solution according to your requirement, We deals to make instant booking apps like
Uber and other major platforms. We get ideas from many
big Industries and make powerful mobile apps to our
worldwide clients.

Uber for Grocery app

On-demand Grocery mobile app development according to your business requirement, We makes custom Grocery apps based on your business requirement at very affordable cost, we known for masters in latest technology delivering best ROI products.


About Uber for tow truck

Suppose it’s Friday evening and you’re joining a couple of friends at the edge of town for dinner but just as you’re half way there your car stalls and there is no one to help how are you going to meet your friends on time well you have a powerful tool at your disposal you take out your phone and request for roadsideassistance using an app from your local automobile association but this is no ordinary app this is an app that is driven by the THE APP FOR UBER INC Automobile Association recently partnered with TAFU to bring about a digital transformation by adopting the Live Enterprise they can now sense analyse and decipher the data around them to create actionable insights that can help reimagine solutions to problems so how does all this help you let’s take a look.

you have a powerful tool at your disposal you take out your phone and request for roadsideassistance using an app from your local automobile association but this is no ordinary app this is an app that is driven by the THE APP FOR UBER INC Automobile Association recently partnered with TAFU to bring about a digital transformation by adopting the Live Enterprise they can now sense analyze and decipher the data around them to create actionable insights that can help reimagine solutions to Service provider.


“This Solution comes with three powerful apps:

This solution comes with Three modules



User mobile app

The user mobile app is the app for users who looking for road side assistance services, The person who want to book his nearby services. Its fully customizable and live problem detecting mobile app to identify user onroad problems. Its is fully loaded with functionality which makes it unique solution from other available in market. From This app user will define the problem and request nearest service provider so that they can comes to him and fix his car issues.

Service provider mobile app

This mobile app is useful for services partners available at various location no matter in which location user need help it will automatically detect service provider current location and register that location from his name and its presence will be available on user app as well, With this app service provider will get the job and this app will guide them to reach at user location so that they can finish the job as soon as possible and can do job finish on time.

The admin panel

This is password protected admin area where massive functionality is there to manage roadside assistance business, with this you can manage both app and can earn percentage from job done by service provider, Its playing a perfect middle man role who meet two parties one who want services and one who want to give services and in the consideration of meeting both parties we will charge some commission from both parties. so here you can manage your business online without investing thousands of $$$.

What are the benefits of Uber for tow truck app ? 

The app first sources data from your vehicle using its in built telematics system and determines the nature and severity of the Service provider it then preps downstream service providers like nearby mechanics for a potential incoming tow rental car agency for a potential upcoming request and other service providers the app also highlights nearby certified locations like gas stations or restaurants to help you seek shelter if it is required next it quickly scans the region surrounding you and identifies Service provider an automobile mechanic as the nearest and most competent individual who is capable of assisting you.

It sends him a notification to assign him to the job while also sharing with him the vehicles telematics data to help him determine the tools that he would likely need while the availability of service provider nearby might seem too many as for tuitions he was in reality strategically placed at the very location based on predictive analytics and an analysis of available mechanics in the region.

Simultaneously you receive a notification to confirm the assignment of this happens in a matter of minutes while job is on his way you can also use the chat bot option in the app to resolve any simple Service provider if possible the chat box suggests tips based on the telematics data from your car, The app also allows you to track job you can now breathe a sigh of relief for his part

Our app has in built functionality where on the job starts it collaborating with you and understands the Service provider this helps them to start troubleshooting even before he reaches when service provider arrives he has a fair idea of the type of eService provider and makes a call to bring in expert assistance but this assistance does not arrive by any conventional means instead he uses virtual reality to collaborate remotely with experts to fix the issues on the car is up and running.

Suitable for roadside business

We Provides uber on demand app which suits to all business, here our app suitable for any kind of business whose required services booking platform.

It is not only a booking platform but also search nearest service provider and its working for worldwide. 

This app is suitable for all those who are new startups or those who already doing business but offline and dealing with multiple business and want to run all business in one app and with this app they can monitor all their business.

Add more than on service

It is a powerful tool that allows you to add more than one services like one services is tyre puncture and other service is refueling and mechanic help or tow truck help and so on with this you can add all of these services and can manage from one admin panel where you can change cost of each service provider makes this product unique and powerful,

We write all codes and API from hand written and tested by several high qualified testers so it became trusted roadside assistance smart app.

Tell me more about Uber for tow truck mobile app.

How Its works : let’s go over some basics for the tow booking Android application to get started if your company requires you to check in you’ll need to go to the main menu and select check-in on your Android mobile device next you’ll want to complete your pre-trip inspection if your company uses this feature to complete your pre-trip inspection tap equipment inspection on the menu and select the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner next choose the truck enter in your trucks odometer reading and then proceed with the checklist as usual if something fails simply enter the failure reason you can optionally take a picture of the failed equipment.

If needed at the end of the checklist add any additional notes once finished click the check mark in the top right hand corner be sure to sign the inspection report and tap accept to automatically send to your manager now you’re ready to work when a call is dispatched to you you’ll hear an alert and get a notification select the accept and view button so your dispatchers know that you’ve got the call when you’re ready to start working the call tap the update status button towards the top and update your status to end route.

Next you can tap on the pickup location in the application if needed to start turn-by-turn directions as you arrive on scene be sure to update your status your first move when you’re on scene is usually to add photos simply tap the camera icon and take pictures of any damages you’ll see photos appear on the bottom of the page as they’re uploaded you can also complete a damage report if your company requires that or if you’re concerned about a possible damage claim against you or the company to add a damage report tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

Then select damaged forms tap the plus signing the bottom right-hand corner and then change the body type if needed then tap on the area of the vehicle you need to record damages for choose the damage type add a description add photos of the vehicle damages click Save and then click accept when the damage report is done click the checkmark in the top right corner and be sure to have your customer sign their reports and click accept.

Your damage report will automatically upload to the call while on scene add or update vehicle details by clicking on the pencil icon you can see center in the license plate and state to add vehicle information and confirm by entering the last three digits of the VIN number or you can simply scan the VIN barcode associated with the vehicle by clicking on the camera icon afterwards.

Continue to update any additional vehicle information and add any important notes on the call to click with check mark when all of the information has been updated if you collect any payments head to payments section to indicate that payment has been received click on the plus sign enter your payment details and click the check mark when you ‘refinished.

when all of the call information is updated and your work on scene is done be sure to get a signature from your customer have them sign for the service agree to your terms and then click accept once that is finished you can email or text the receipt to your customer if the job you’re on is at Oh make sure to update your status to towing when you’re loaded up and ready to go you can tap on the destination address to receive turn-by-turn directions to the vehicle destination when you arrive at your destination you may need to update your status to destination arrival to let your manager or dispatcher know that you have arrived when the job is complete be sure to update your status to completed click the checkmark in the top right corner and you’re ready for the next job you.

Superfast functioning

Applications are usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and perform actions much faster too. Applications store their data locally on your device. Allor, data recovery happens instantly. In the case of mobi sites, data needs to be downloaded from web servers that can take from a few seconds to a minute depending on network speed and packet size. For one thing, mobi sites that use JavaScript to perform tasks and applications run on frames five times faster. As all of this happens in the end, your users start to act very quickly before enjoying a seamless experience.

Our solution build with world latest technology and crafted by most talanted software developers, while mobile app development we follow google guideline which makes our app super fast, we always recommend VPS hosting which delivers maximum output and maximum bandwidth which make your mobile application fly in the cloud . Our superfast function includes web socket which turns traffic at a same time with using minimum bandwith and save your server cost as well.

App notifications

In-app notifications are received when a user opens the app on their devices. App notifications are available on devices whether the user opens the app or not.  you can send regular updates keeping it up to date with all the latest features and photos and product listings. It will also allow you to promote products and services that regularly increase your sales and profits. Additionally, you can send regular updates through the Google Play Store, iTunes, and store windows to your app via OTA, keeping it up to date with all the latest features. 

Your branding

Our app is customized with a company branding and yours will never be different. And if you change the branding of your brand, then there is nothing better than a mobile app. You can just change how your app appears with colors and layouts whenever you want with the development of the version and match it according to your perspective and what users want. Your app becomes your leading 24X7 dealer. build your app the way you want it without having to go to device or browser stuff and troubleshooting problems.

High Engagement Level

Having a high level of customer engagement will require you to reach out to them first. There are many benefits to mobile business applications and one of the most important benefits is affordable availability. Connecting to potential customers is expensive, such as advertisements in hoardings and newspapers and outdated. The story is different now with mobile apps on the market. The key is to get as close as possible to your current and potential customers and give them a place to engage with your product purposefully. Having a mobile app for your business can mean it.

Multiple laungage

Our app comes with multiple language support functionality now you can change app language from sidebars, Its realy comfortable when you trying to focus your business globally, App with multi language support became this app out of the box from its compotators.

White label solution

The app for uber provide ondemand white labeled solutions which allow your business to boost your business by online mediums by this you will get error free codes with lifetime warrenty from us and lifetime support from us, We are here to help you in any situation.

User Friendly Design

whenever you will order our on demand app we will comes with user friendly design and unique look and feel which will help to your business more appealing and sound attracting to your end users, we customise, make modifications according to requirement and targetted to your buyers perspective.

Comes with android and ios

Our On demand solution comes with android platform and ios platform not only this we makes your business application on another platform as well like windows and pc versions as well for that you need to mention your business requirement specification, our business development officer will help you to explain your business requirement.

Fully copyright protected source code

With this solution we provide fully lienced source code with seller and buyer agreement in which our customes get protection from your compitators . when we work we know that our customers can get stuck into many copyright clamis so we did job from our ends so you not need to worry about anything. now explain your business requirement and we will suggest perfect solution for you.

Why is it worth investing in mobile app development?

People use mobile devices in today’s competitive environment to match their favorite products. They view it as a sign that allows potential buyers to have all the information quickly. No matter what industry you work in, the benefits of having mobile business applications are many, and investing in them is a great business deal. Think of this big jump as a way to keep your business open 24 hours a day.

Start creating product awareness with mobile app development and spread your reach better. Your investment in mobile apps will help you to reap long-term benefits. Working with Intelivita in building mobile business applications will also ensure app security, timely updates, and efficient application management.

there are millions of mobile apps out there online and there will probably be millions more. Remember, users spend a lot of time on apps as recent research has suggested and the business should be present where its customers are. So, this is a great time to build mobile business apps to fully bind ‘First Movers Advantage’ to sell your products and services before your competitor does.